I am a writer living in London. I have been published in King’s Review, Varsity, and The Junket.

I am working on a book about stepfamilies. We still see stepfamilies as broken, even though they are now a very common family form. The legal and emotional consequences of this prejudice can be very damaging, so I think we urgently need to ask why it persists and who it serves.

I’m also a freelance editor speciailising in humanities academia. A sample of my academic writing can be found here. Testimonials are available on request.

My twitter handle is @katrinazaat and my gmail address is katrina dot zaat at. I invite you to contact me about writing, editing, or tutoring.

Some opinions:

1. The key to impressing your friends with your plant-rearing abilities is ruthless Darwinian culling. Nobody remembers the dead ones once they’re gone. Snake plants survive anywhere; so do ZZ plants but they will remind you of your first office temp job.

2. You do have the cheekbones for super short hair; haircut creates face shape.

3. We are playing whack-a-mole with Nazis, abusers, and climate change deniers, and it is tiring. If you burn out take a rest then try something different.

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  1. Thank you, anonymous! I’d already intended to apply, in fact – and any brilliant essayist types reading this should do likewise. THERE IS A NOT-INSUBSTANTIAL CASH ADVANCE IN THEM THAR HILLS.

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