Drop-in centre for women affected by violence to close

The Scarlet Centre, a London drop-in advice centre for women affected by violence, is due to close on March 31st due to funding cuts.

Eaves, the charity that runs the Scarlet Centre, received government funding until April 2011, when the government redirected a £6 million contract to the Salvation Army.

Eaves now survives on donations from the public. Though the Scarlet Centre is due to close, the following initiatives will continue to run, as long as there is enough funding to support them:

Peer mentoring for women aged 18+ who have experienced sexual violence at any time, including emotional support, help through police reporting, court cases, and compensation claims.

Independent Sexual Violence Advocate (ISVA)
Court and police support for women and girls aged 13+ who have experienced sexual violence who live, work or study in the Lambeth area.

LEA Project (London Exiting Action)
Advice, advocacy, sign-posting and support for women aged 18+ wishing to exit prostitution.

Poppy Project
Support, accommodation and advocacy for trafficked women aged 16+.

For more on the Poppy Project, see my next post.

To donate to Eaves, click here.

If you or someone you know is affected by violence or trafficking, please phone Eaves on 020 7735 2062 or visit www.eavesforwomen.co.uk.

One response to “Drop-in centre for women affected by violence to close

  1. Many projects which work in partnership with statutory services (such as the Poppy Project) are also finding this more challenging due to their public sector partners’ reduced staffing and resources – this makes accepting referrals and outreach work much more difficult.

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